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Red Flag 1

No matter how desperate the homeowner is to hire an attorney, be forewarned about a new breed of lawyers who are basically “hugs and smiles” while feigning concern for your homeowner association-related problems.  Too many of these [starving-looking-for-fresh-revenue] attorneys will often want to get somewhere using the fastest lane — YOU are the fast lane for that attorney.  Why?  You are a PAYING client.  In laymen language, that could equate to a lawyer “using your money as THEIR training wheels to a speedy financial success.”  Where else would those individuals be able to attain status and financial success so quickly with nothing more than supplying clients with their “opinion” right or wrong, its still just an “o-p-i-n-i-o-n” for a fee.   By Donie Vanitzian, JD 2007