Who and What is the Community Association Institute?

A new page has been posted – Who and What is the Community Association Institute.  To open and view the document click on the short link – http://wp.me/P2b6dW-G4.

This document appears on the Colorado Home Owners Association Forum website.  It is a comprehensive analysis – applicable not only to Colorado, but to Arizona and every state in the nation.  When the planned community scheme is examined under a microscope, one begins to understand the sinister and deceptive motives of the that organization.  This conspiracy should alarm every homeowner who lives in a planned community.

Is your association attorney and/or community manager a dues paying member or financial contributor to the CAI?  Most are.   Does your board attend ‘indoctrination’ seminars put on by the CAI?

Most important, are YOU a member by proxy, without your knowledge or consent, because your board funded the CAI ‘dollar per door’ program with your assessment dollars?

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