Kansas City Star puts HOA issues in the spotlight

This week the Kansas City Star kicked off a national special project series entitled HOAs from Hell by Judy Thomas. This is the first print and on-line series of its kind by a major national news company. Several HOA reform advocates, including team members and registered members of Chppi, were interviewed for 13 articles and 6 videos. Several contacts from Community Associations Institute (CAI) were contacted for their input as well. However, as you can see, one article written about CAI, entitled Group shifts its mission — and homeowners get left behind, HOA reform advocates were given the opportunity to speak out against the trade group that has fought against regulation of the community association industry for decades. The series was posted on-line beginning August 3, 2016, and appeared in print on Sunday and Monday August 7-8, 2016. Several nationally affiliated newspapers picked up articles from the HOAs from Hell special report.  Here’s our chance to write letters to the editor of KCStar and affiliated McClatchy newspapers, both to thank them for giving HOA homeowners and residents a voice, and to comment on any of the articles. For your convenience, here’s’s a list of McClatchy’s’s news markets across the country. http://www.mcclatchy.com/our_markets/ Judy Thomas has also provided a dedicated email account for readers to share their HOA stories or suggestions for future articles. The email is HOA@KCStar.com Last year’s survey conducted by Coalition for Community Housing Policy in the Public Interest (Chppi) provided feedback from residents and former residents of Association Governed Housing across the U.S. The results are the polar opposite of CAI’s self-funded surveys.  This year’s Chppi survey is currently under development. If any of you have suggestions about what to include on the survey, or have experience in designing survey campaigns, please send an email to Contactus@chppi.org  Our goal is to create a credible survey that more accurately reflects the experiences, attitudes, and opinions about life in Association Governed residential communities.

Thank you for joining our national campaign to end dysfunction, abuse, and corruption in America’s communities. Coalition for Community Housing Policy in the Public Interest Chppi 

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