Associations’ value

Regarding the Aug. 7-8 series “HOAs from Hell,” I am disheartened by the seemingly extensive efforts by the author to dig up the worst stories possible regarding homeowner associations.

What your paper did not mention is that Americans living in HOAs again this year told independent pollsters that they are overwhelmingly satisfied with their communities.

The 2016 survey conducted by Zogby Analytics for the Foundation for Community Association Research affirms findings from five surveys over the last 11 years. By large majorities, residents rate their overall community experience as positive or, at worst, neutral.

The findings refute the unfounded and unsubstantiated myth that the community association model is failing to serve the best interests of Americans who live in common-interest communities. For the majority of Americans, their home is their single largest investment.

Your choice to attack the community association housing model with anecdotal horror stories is a disturbing attempt to instill fear and unrest in your readers.

Community Associations Institute will continue to inspire enlightened leadership and responsible, engaged citizenship-ideals, reflected in communities that are preferred places to call home.

Thomas Skiba

Chief Executive Officer

Community Associations Institute

Falls Church, Va.

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Admin comment: a.k.a. Head in Sand. Overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

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3 Responses to Associations’ value

  1. Sandy Schenkat says:

    There are more horror stories than CAI will ever know. I take great exception from Mr.Skibka’s comments. He obviously doesn’t have a clue of how bad HOA can really be with no regulation, unethical board members, greedy lawyers and corrupt management companies. It might be wise for him to pay close attention to his business rather than lashing out at the truth being reported.


  2. Sandy Schenkat says:

    Unfortunately, there are more horror stories than any one newspaper can disclose. CAI has there head in the sand and do not serve Homeowners – they serve the attorneys and management companies which take unfair advantage of homeowners. It’s David against Goliath when homeowners try to work things out with their unreasonable board members, attorneys and management companies. There is so much money at stake in HOA management that it brings out the greed in the professionals. It’s time for CAI to pay attention to what is really happening in HOA.


  3. It’s called exposure on the HOA issues affecting Americans living in un-American communities, that are run by the HOA mafia.


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