Sun River HOA (Utah)

To all members who have concerns:

Yesterday, October 18, 2016, I attended a Financial Committee Meeting at the CC. Notably missing was member Al Smith. The meeting began by the Treasurer Carol Lopacinski giving the floor to management company controller Brian Webster. There were just about 7 members attending with board members Eric Nilsson, Grant Marsh and Dave Patton and the manager Kamarie Naase also in attendance. It was my thought the committee was to be the people to know of and give guidance to the board as to how to spend HOA funds. Instead, they got all their information from the controller and once in a while a committee member would ask a question of the controller.

Member Barbara McLaughlin asked what was a $1500 deficit mentioned by the controller. The controller explained to us that they bought a $100,000 CD and the cost was $1500. Mrs. McLaughlin asked why you would buy a CD like that if anyone can buy one free. The controller explained that they paid the fee because they do business with a certain bank and that was the charge from the bank.

Another point the controller made was the pickle ball court needed some landscaping work and the work was performed by Sun West Services. I asked if there were other bids to do that job. The controller said no, there were no other competitive bids because there would have been no one who would take the job. I asked how you know unless you ask for bids. What additional question I should have asked was, I thought we paid $500,000 for a completed job on the pickle ball courts. The controller then went on to say Sun West services has done many jobs for and saved us thousands of dollars. Then committee member Christine Campbell confirmed this feeling by saying she could not get anyone to paint her house for months as there was no one to bid the job. My statement to them was; I cannot not believe that for one minute.

What I learned from this meeting were two things, #1, the people in charge do not watch out for our fees and #2, there is no competitive bidding for the work Sun West Services do for our association.

I will add that Sun West Services is a private company within our management company owned by Mr. Stewart and Mrs. Naase (the association manager). This is the same management company that will not show us where our money goes once given to the management company without a court order as per Board President Mr. Dave Patten. I also found that Mrs. Naase (the association manager) signs the checks for our association.

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