‘Super nice guy’ accused of HOA fraud

Meliane Payne, TELLMEL@NEWS-PRESS.COM December 9, 2016

Lee County deputies spent nine hours during a standoff with a resident of Heron’s Glen in North Fort Myers.

When an anonymous caller told me Joshua C. Hall, the former general manager at Herons Glen Golf and Country Club, was caught embezzling money, I thought it was old news.

“Didn’t that happen a few years ago?” I asked. It turns out I was recalling another North Fort Myers homeowners’ association, Sabal Springs.

Thinking there was no way this could be happening that often, I googled “homeowners’ association embezzlement.” Man, was I wrong. Financial crimes at condo and homeowners’ associations are so prevalent, there are websites dedicated to HOA fraud.

Herons Glen’s problem was discovered early in the summer and a special meeting of the Herons Glen Recreation District was held on July 6.  According to the minutes “some financial discrepancies were found and based on those findings, Josh Hall decided to resign the position of General Manager…District Counsel (Tom) Hart has a letter from Mr. Hall admitting his guilt in defrauding the District of funds. At this time, the total amount of the fraud is not known, but it is a significant amount.”

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1 Response to ‘Super nice guy’ accused of HOA fraud

  1. Patricia says:

    All embezzlers are lovely charming people. I met many during my banking career. Those people stole from their business and were punished with jail and other. An embezzler from an HOA is rarely every brought to justice. Apathetic HO’s just will not be bothered, even when the amounts are huge. Embezzlement can be as small as the HO’s unknowingly paying for the Landscape Committee’s yard work. But it’s embezzling and addresses the character of the individual. Or boards are willing to pay the local paint guy without getting competitive bids … so what if he’s a little more? It’s spread amongst a huge population. Our society weakens as we begin to tolerate this sort of human condition. We all pay the price in the long term or rather our children do! Don’t bother concentrating on this story, instead start asking for transparency in your own HOA and expose the ugly truth.


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