HOA AZ Superior Court Cases Statewide since 2007

From: John Sellers <jasellers123@gmail.com>
Date: January 26, 2017 at 3:59:51 PM MST
To: John Sellers <jasellers123@gmail.com>
Subject: HOA Superior Court Cases Statewide since 2007
Here is the link below to the 11MB pdf comprising the fully compiled list of Superior Court Cases in Arizona since 2007 involving HOA’s.  
A staggering total of 16,744 INDIVIDUAL ACTS OF LEGAL TERRORISM
At a mere $10,000 say per case …..that’s $167million of legal fees
All duplications have been eliminated. Where in doubt, say a dispute with a landscaper not a homeowner, that was eliminated too. If you don’t see your name do not be surprised because cases were selected by doing an electronic sort in most cases by attorney name. As long as one of the attorneys was involved for the HOA, your case should be there but you will not see your name so don’t even bother looking.  Simply because we never asked for a sort on Buck, Dessaules or Cheifitz 
Of all the data collection tasks, many that your resident geek here was able to do easily, this really was a painstaking teeth pulling exercise. Even I felt daunted at times. Partly because the Arizona Judicial computer systems are steam driven and make the ObamaCare web site look 21st century. And they are a law until themselves with Rule 123
But that headline number matters. It also highlights the quality of these attorneys. Hardly Rhodes Scholars if they can average 40 cases a year
I’ll be challenging all the attorneys to put up or shut up with this…..asap!!!!! 
John Sellers
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