AZ HOA abuse

In a nutshell:
1. A homeowner with two lots in an Association falls behind about two years back, $1,000 per lot
2. They pursue him for only one lot BUT he pays the amount for both..$2,000
3. They then pursue him for $1,000 for the other lot
4. They successfully foreclose for $1,000 plus legal fees. Back to $2,000
5. They sell the lot for $18,000
6. He neither received the excess nor does the  $16,000 show in the HOA accounts.
7. So where did it go?
8. Gets better.
9. They also filed a lien on his house where he lives. Not in the subdivision because he owns vacant lots
10. The town where he lives wants an easement over his house for a neighborhood water project which he wants to do but there a lien
11. He has no way to lift the lien consensually because there’s no HOA Board, MGMT Co, or attorney..

He’s screwed

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