Arizona HOA Honey Moneypot

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   The “Arizona HOA Honey Moneypot“ – why all these problems in Arizona HOA’s?

  • Honey attracts bees. Money attracts the worst of behavior
  • It’s the cash stupid!
  • We estimate that $3bn of CASH is sloshing around in HOA bank accounts owned by YOU
  • Worst example which went unnoticed in the excesses 2008 financial crisis
    • Community Association Banc (CAB), a division of First National Bank of Arizona (“FNBA[1]”) attracted over $1bn of deposits in the months prior to 2008
    • Only $75mm was funneled back to communities
    • Only the FDIC knows where the rest went
    • They used wholesale deposit harvesting via HOA Management Companies
    • Few Boards even knew or know where their cash is
    • The only credentials of the President of CAB, a $1.5 billion plus bank, were membership of CAI, HOA management, and ownership of Las Vegas nightclub
    • I’m not making this up – See this – click HERE
    • When FNBA went under in the shadow of IndyMac, the Federal Government injected $862mm of FDIC taxpayers money
    • In a highly unusual step, they also bailed out UNINSURED DEPOSITORS
    • Many Arizona HOA’s had millions in excess of the FDIC insurance limit
    • We believe the decision was political
  • What this got to do with you?
    • Be aware there are powerful dark forces at work in the HOA industry
    • Few Management Companies, and none of the so called specialized HOA Law firms, have incentives to promote transparency
    • The Edge at Grayhawk lost $2.4mm in fraud because nobody was keeping an eye on the Management Company
    • CAI , a national organization, has huge lobbying power because of their access to money


[1] Not to be confused with National Bank of Arizona

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