AZ HOA Foreclosure “Reform” Proposal

Arizona state Senator Kavanagh authored SB-1080 which shortens the time restrictions for an HOA wishing to foreclose on a delinquent homeowner from one year to six months, and removes the delinquent dollar value restriction which was $1,200.

Basically if this bill passes, your HOA can foreclose on you if you are delinquent by any amount, for as little as six months.

Apparently, the Senator thinks that’s what HOAs really need: more power, more greed, more ways to screw the neighbors.

Who asked him to float this bill?  How many HOAs out there are chomping at the bit to push their neighbors out of their homes?

In my opinion, this has to be coming from management companies and “HOA Lawyers”.

Write your state representatives in the House and Senate, along with Senator Kavanagh, and tell them what you think.  I don’t hate anybody enough to want to force them into foreclosure for $1 in six months.  Not even lawyers or legislators.

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2 Responses to AZ HOA Foreclosure “Reform” Proposal

  1. Sandy says:

    Pure GREED! i’ll be checking out the Campaign Finance Reports for that PAY-BACK amount coming from the Management Companies, the HOA Attorneys, and Lobbyists!


  2. Nancy says:

    I feel that this is not fair. People should be allowed to get it together before foreclosure. Sometimes people go through difficult financial times and should be allowed a grace period. This bill would not allow that. I pray that it does not pass.


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