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Greetings, everyone!

It’s been over a year since I posted here – time has flown by for me! I was Secretary of my association starting in October 2017, and as of October 2018 I’m now President.

I’ve continued taking a deep dive into historical documents, having obtained CDs with documentation from two prior management companies. I’ve inquired deep into our management company to understand more about our financials, as well as how to customize the horrid-sounding violation notices they send out on our behalf. And I’ve uncovered a few process-related issues that I’m now pressing the management company to fix. Fortunately, they’ve been very accommodating.

The year also had an interesting board meeting where one board member basically started a cursing, accusatory rant that halted the meeting less than ten minutes in. Thanks to many of our very reasonable residents, this board member was not re-elected, and it’s my opinion that the resulting board complement is well suited to getting things done in the coming year.

I’ll pass along another article I wrote entitled “HOAs: Corporations, And Neighbors“. If you want to reach me for comments, use email.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for doing this and particularly for “volunteering” to be on your board. I read the other article but do not want to sign up for ExecRanks or whatever it’s called. What I am currently facing is a “lost assessment check” … the 4th lost in 2 yrs and prior to this, I would say the USPS had a stellar record in delivering all my mail. Odd that when conflicts with your HOA begin, the USPS also loses assessment checks. What sort of a co-incidence is that? My experience is that boards want to continue the same as they’ve done over the past several decades. BofD’s who are WAY older than you are not technology savvy, they have not read governing docs since Tim O’Leary did his acid trip and many might have been on it with him … at least it appears they have considerable mind fog. I hate HOA’s and when I move, if I move, I will not live in another. It appears that you’ve solved some significant problems, but next year another person could replace you. Any community that has a good board can only count on one year of bliss and that too requires drugs for the ride. Well done Ray! Please keep us informed more often.

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    • Ray says:

      Thanks. For everyone, the ExecRanks site is just the hosting place for the article – I only recommend membership for people considering board positions for businesses and (non-HOA) nonprofits.
      Also, anyone with HOA issues in Arizona, please write me or visit for assistance. They’re geared up to provide help in a variety of ways.


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