Legislative Summary from AZHOC

Many of you may know Dennis Legere, who has been the driving force behind the Arizona Homeowners Coalition, another web site dedicated to supporting the interests of homeowners in HOAs.  Dennis is a registered lobbyist in the state of Arizona, and spends a lot of time talking with legislators on behalf of homeowners across the state.

If you have not yet joined AZHOC — there is no cost to join, just sign up for their mailing list — please do so.  When you do, several things will happen:

  • You’ll get alerts on actions taking place in the legislature where you can make a difference by writing directly to state legislators.  Your voice does make a difference!
  • You’ll get occasional summary emails about the status of legislation, with recommendations for what you can do to help support those bills he agrees with and what you can do to help defeat the ones he doesn’t.
  • Your support of AZHOC will lend Dennis more authority when speaking with Arizona legislators (there are currently 238 subscriber/supporters — it would be great to have thousands on this list!).

See the latest Email that went out this morning, with Dennis’s rundown of the 11 bills that have HOA impact, and what you can do to help.  There’s a “Subscribe” button in the upper left hand corner of the web site, and you can select which of the newsletter categories you’d like to receive.  You can unsubscribe at any time, and no unrelated spam/junk.  Dennis’s writing style is a little long-winded… but it’s because he does a great job at explaining the potential impacts of bills.  Worth the read.

You can subscribe to the AZHOC mailing list directly here.

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