The CAI and you

The CAI and you!

…a contemporary commentary

Outside operatives is a term used to describe HOA property managers, attorneys and their lobbyists.  They are people our assessments help support; however they have no fiduciary interest in the community.

Their “professional” organization is the CAI (Community Association Institute).  The CAI is primarily a lobby organization that writes and supports legislation that benefits their interests, not the homeowners.

The CAI lobbyist is  Kevin DeMenna.  He also is a lobbyist for the Fiesta Bowl along with a guy named HighGround.  It was recently reported by a Phoenix newspaper that both of these individuals were the subject of an indictment by Assistant Attorney General Todd Lawson, who specializes in white collar crimes.  The allegation was that both individuals knowingly failed to report expenditures benefiting lawmakers on Fiesta Bowl trips from 2002 to 2004 and in 2007.

DeMenna and HighGround contended they were ‘contractors or consultants’, not primary lobbyists for the Fiesta Bowl.  Their case was referred to the Maricopa County Attorney who declined to prosecute because there was ‘no reasonable likelihood of conviction’.

The CAI claims to the legislators they, in turn, represent homeowners in planned communities.  That’s YOU!


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