CRCA Letter to BOD 2013

Board of Directors      24 July 2013

Continental Ranch Community Association, John Lambert, Board President

Dear Members of the Board:

During the Continental Ranch Community Association (CRCA) Board of Directors (BOD) meeting on 18 July 2013, I was a speaker during the Homeowner Forum.  My topic was a Goodman Law Offices letter, dated 12 June 2013, sent to all CRCA homeowners.  This letter, inter alia, conveyed the following:

* “…a petition allegedly signed by 667 individuals demanded the board be removed.”

* A list of the names of individuals responsible for initiating the petition was provided (very tacky, but classic Rules for Radicals isolate, ridicule, and vilify technique)

* During the verification process, it was alleged that some signatories were either lied to, misled, or didn’t know what they were signing.  An attachment containing copies of recall petition withdrawal notices from 19 individuals was also included (none identified by name)

* A statement pronouncing the petition to remove the CRCA BOD as invalid and the association will not hold a removal meeting (emphasis added)

* An encouragement for all to meet with the board for further discussion (last paragraph)

The letter formally notified all CRCA homeowners there was nothing of substance to the removal petitions and that the effort was invalid.  Even though the letter noted 667 removal petitions were received, with only 19 cited as reneging (still leaving 648 valid petitions), it proclaimed the issue closed, effectively directing CRCA homeowners to: ‘Keep moving folks, nothing to see here….’

The last element (noted above) in the Goodman letter was the motivation for me to speak at the BOD meeting—it held the promise of open dialogue.  Although I asked the following questions of the BOD, there was no discussion, comment, or answers from the BOD—just stares and silence:

1. What was the legal purpose of the Goodman letter—why was it written and sent to all?

2. What was the cost to the CRCA for legal counseling, the drafting of this letter, printing, and mailing to homeowners, and why should homeowners be saddled with the cost associated with this superfluous, misleading, and repressive letter?

Although I was unaware of the removal petition and have no position on the matter with either the BOD or any outside organization, I am deeply disturbed by the deceptive and bullying tactics used in the Goodman letter to shut down the process.  In addition, the expenditure of CRCA funds for this unnecessary letter, suggests that, you, the entrusted stewards of CRCA monies, failed in your fiduciary responsibility to Continental Ranch homeowners.

It is requested that within the next 30 days, I be provided with substantive answers to questions No. 1 and 2 above. Additionally, within this timeframe, I desire further discussion with the board on this subject, which is “encouraged” by the last paragraph of the Goodman letter. I await your reply…


Don J. Alvarez

Continental Ranch Homeowner:

7424 W Dream Maker Pl.

Tucson, AZ 85743

cc:  J. Watson

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