CRCA Resident Letter 2013

Goodman Law Offices                              30 August 2013                  Don J. Alvarez

4140 E. Baseline Road, Suite 111                                                          7424 W Dream Maker Pl.

Mesa, AZ 85206`                                                                                     Tucson, AZ 85743

Reference:              Goodman Law Offices Letter dated June 12, 2013,

Titled: Petition to Remove  the Board of Directors

Attachment  (1):      Goodman Law Offices Letter dated June 12, 2013

Attachment  (2):      Alvarez Letter dated July 24, 2013

Dear Mr. Goodman:

I am in receipt of your 12 June 2013 “Dear Member” letter (Attachment 1), sent to Continental Ranch homeowners.  I invite your attention to the last sentence of the letter which states: “We encourage you to meet with the board or come in to the office and discuss this further should you so desire.”  [emphasis added]  It is the premise of this sentence that I address in this letter.

I have attempted to discuss elements of your letter with the board on two separate occasions (board of directors meetings on 18 July 2013 and 15 August 2013)—each time, the board declined to respond.  Surely you will agree this rebuff hardly constitutes the promise of “discussion” as encouraged in your letter.  In addition, I sent a letter to the board on 24 July 2013 (Attachment 2), in which I posed specific questions and requested a reply within a 30-day period—to date, a reply has not been received.  In order for the words of encouragement contained in the last sentence of your letter to be effectual, it must be understood they pertain equally to association members and the board.

If the intent of your letter is genuine, I appeal that you counsel the board to contact me for discussion of my concerns within 30-days of the date of this correspondence.

In closing, I remind you that the words of encouragement found in the last sentence of your letter held promise of entering into discussion with the board.  It appears most awkward that the board has been non-responsive to your guidance.  In view of the foregoing, I ask if your words of encouragement are meant only for the casual consumption of uninformed association members, with no need for reciprocity from the board?  In keeping with the assurance of encouragement conveyed in your letter, I ask that the board be encouraged to contact me for discussion.

Your interest in this matter will be evidenced through direct contact with me from the president of the board.


Don J. Alvarez

cc:  Board of Directors, Continental Ranch Community Association (John Lambert, President

J. Watson

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