CRCA Retaliation 2013

As posted in the SCA Suncatcher:

9. Important Changes for Using Continental Ranch Pool- Dear Sunflower Residents please note a change in the requirements for use of the Continental Ranch swimming pools. In response to a request for additional keys for Sunflower residents, I have been informed that the Continental Ranch Board of Directors, (John Lambert, President) has decided that all keys currently being used to access CRCA pools need to be returned to their management office. Any keys not returned will be deactivated. In the future Sunflower residents wishing to use the Continental Ranch pools will need to go to the CRCA management office during regular business hours to gain access to the pool by the management staff after providing proof of residency.  Furthermore any Sunflower resident wishing to use the pool more than two weeks in one year will be required to pay “the difference between the 25% currently collected and the full assessment on a bi-annual basis…” this amounts to $111.38 semi annually or $222.76 per year. Please know that neither the Sunflower board, staff or management was involved in this decision.
Anyone who had left a deposit check for a key can pick it up at the front desk. Checks not picked up after 30 days will be shredded.

A Comentary –

This appears to be retaliation against Sunflower (SCA) residents signing the Continental Ranch (CRCA) petition to remove their Board.  It also appears no one from the SCA Board or management contacted CRCA regarding the reason for this decision. Our FY2014 Approved Budget shows SCA pays CRCA an annual assessment of $71,800 annually and we receive absolutely nothing in return.  That amounts to $74.25 per SCA lot.

Some comments I have received from CRCA:

 “I was at the meeting when this was passed unanimously by our HOA board.  I think it stinks ,in that Sunflower pays about $70,000 a year into our Association and gets practically nothing for their input.  This can’t change until the bylaws/CC&Rs can be changed.  Unfortunately, there was no one else but me except a couple of committee chairs and the guy who always pats the board on the back every month–you know who I mean!, so I didn’t open my mouth, as I had no back-up and knew I would be “pooh-poohed” for speaking.  I think it is VITAL that some of our old timers begin attending Board meetings.  So long as we don’t attend or speak up, THEY ARE WINNING THEIR BATTLE.”

“Please pass along to your Sunflower friend that the board saw no representation from Sunflower at the meeting, so there was no opposition.  It was on the agenda which I assume was published in advance.”

“That is terrible. How can they keep doing this to our own residents? What are the dues they are already paying for? How do the Sunflower residents feel about this? We need an attorney that can get rid of them so bad it isn’t funny.”

“What a crock!  That just proves once again that JL is not worried about losing votes – he knows that with the commercial properties and whatever other shenanigans he pulls he will be our dictator forever!!”

“All we need is money for the attorney!  Right?”  


What are your thoughts?

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