CRCA Newspaper Article 2013

Signed with the name of someone who did not write the article.

From the most despicable unnamed person in Continental Ranch.

As published in the Explorer, July 3, 2013. 


How far are some people willing to go to get their way?  Unfortunately, way too far.  In recent months several opinions letters were submitted to this newspaper by people I know.  The writers of these ‘opinions’ letters outright lied to the community about what the Board of Directors (John Lambert, President) does in Continental Ranch.  There’s a difference between an ‘opinion’ and making up lies.  The writers of those opinion letters allowed themselves to get carried away with their own personal agendas, abandoning their moral compasses.  The current board does an excellent job, even during these times when they are under fire by troublemakers who publicly spread false misleading rumors.  Do you remember years ago when a previous board was successfully recalled?  Within only a couple of weeks well over a thousand residents signed a petition, and no one had to go door to door selling lies to get signatures.  The current recall effort has been struggling along for four months, and still hasn’t been able to round up the minimum 400 signatures they need.  This should be a clear sign that people in CRCA are happy and the Board is doing a great job.  I’m embarrassed to have been associated with the recall troublemakers. 

Will that person have the guts to stand up and admit ownership of that article??


What are your thoughts?

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