CRCA Newspaper Article 2013

The Continental Ranch Community Association in Marana, AZ has 5,000+ voting members.  This is a draft of an ad placed in the Explorer Newspaper on September 18, 2013.


Arizona Attorney General has been asked to determine if CRCA board (John Lambert, President) misappropriated funds spent to avoid a recall election

The recall petition contained 667 signatures. 530 signatures are needed for a valid petition. According to an email received from the management company only 50 signatures were removed as duplicates or as ineligible to sign. The petition is valid.

Using allegations by a few purported petitioners that they were misled about the purpose of the petition, the association informed petitioners that their signatures would not be counted unless they went to the office with government issued ID within 4 business days and signed a statement that they had signed the petition intending to recall the directors.

This requirement did not actually disqualify any signature. There is no requirement in the law that petitioners take any action to prove their intent. The petition process assumes there must be a valid reason for removal of each individual signature. The requirement is, however, an insult to all association members since it implies that members are not sufficiently intelligent to read a petition before they sign it.

The Windmill stated that $11,000 were spent on legal services related to the recall. It is not known when or where these expenditures were authorized since most actions relating to the recall took place during the period when board meetings were canceled for lack of a quorum.

A simple letter from the management company offering any petitioner the opportunity to remove their signature if they had not intended to recall the directors would have sufficed to determine the validity of the petition and should have cost less than $1000.

The fiduciary responsibilities of the directors include the requirement that their actions be those of an ordinarily prudent person under similar circumstances.

For a respectful, responsible and honest association government vote for

Dorothy Bruce, Larry Lemieux, Sandra (Sandy) Padilla, and Richard Roberts

in the upcoming CRCA election.

What are your thoughts?

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