Continental Ranch Recall, 2013

Continental Ranch Recall

(2013)  as published in the Explorer Newspaper

I am a member of the recently formed “Continental Ranch Committee for Recall” which has grown to a fairly substantial grassroots effort.  Our goal is to recall the entire board which consists of: John Lambert (Board President), Peggy Bracken, Marilyn Stimpson, Connie Delarge, Robert Volbrecht, Karie Westphal and Rosanne Ziegler ( who also serves on the town council in the Town of Marana).

As you may have heard by now, the Recall effort is now fully underway at Continental Ranch.  At the time of this writing, petitions are being circulated to call a special recall election.  There are numerous complaints about our existing Board of Directors, not the least of which is the fact that the BOD has decided to begin a policy of user fees for Continental Ranch residents to use their own facilities.  This was initiated first on the use Community Center, but who knows what other fees will be enacted in the future.

This was done, by the way after the CRCA made a profit of $39,967 (after deducting a wasted $4,422 which was unnecessarily spent for a CPA firm to “manage” our most recent election) and after depositing $60,925 to our reserve fund.  If CRCA is making that kind of money, who does the Board feel it is wise to charge rental fees to Continental Ranch residents who pay dues?  Clearly, the board has other motives for the fees.

For any owner of property within Continental Ranch who has not heard of this recall movement, but wishes to get involved and regain control of their own destiny, they can call me.

What are your thoughts?

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