CRCA Newspaper Article 2013

Shame on Continental Ranch Board

John Lambert, Board President

(as published in the Explorer 05-2013)

Shame, shame Continental Ranch HOA-

I question the reason that the CRCA is removing minutes from their website for the committee meetings held in March and April they were there last week!  Do you get the feeling they are trying to hide something!  They voted to record all committee meetings and said we had a right to listen to them anytime.  Now they have decided to charge you the homeowners 15 cents a minute to listen to them and most of the meetings are one to two hours add it up.  Why has the board been signing many “action in lieu” without any input from you the homeowners?  Do you really think $7, 186 to landscape the monument in front of the Windmill office ( a small triangle) was an emergency that couldn’t wait until they had a board meeting (which they haven’t had in two months)?  Don’t you think it is time to get to the next board meeting and voice your opinions loud by voting yes to recall this board?


Another resident says: May 31, 2013

We can’t go to the board meetings if they keep canceling them. As for the charge to listen to the minutes, public records laws say that they can charge us a fee for said records, but we aren’t asking for copies. It should be free to hear. I think a small claims suit might fix this. It’s only $300 to file one and it’s an argument I believe we could easily win in court.

What are your thoughts?

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