CRCA Committee Meeting 2013

CRCA Nominating Committee Meeting 2013

On Thursday, July 11th, I attended my first Nominating Committee meeting to support OUR nominees wishing to be members of the board. Prior to this “event,” I had been very curious about what homeowners made up this committee.
That question was clearly answered as I took my place in the Community Center. To the right of me across the room was John Lambert (Board President) and his wife. Near them was the Committee which was comprised of biased “associates” of John and the present board. The prejudice was clearly evidenced by the warmth extended to both Peggy Bracken and Marylyn Stimpson while that same pleasantry was totally absent toward those wishing to become board members. This nominating committee should be comprised of non-biased, independent thinking homeowners with no vested interest in any of the nominees. Is what’s occurring here a democratic process?
I have witnessed those candidates who are already serving, being given preferential treatment by the committee’s obvious demeanor. We, the homeowners appear to be excluded from this “committee” while friends of John Lambert are all a part of the deciding members.. Thank goodness government on state and federal levels function much more fairly. I hope that we can all attend this upcoming Board Meeting to provide another contentious evening for King John. We can once again make our intention strong to have John, President, not be a welcomed community leader. Let’s pack the Community Center as we did last month. We were very effective…….let’s continue to make his time in the presidency as uncomfortable for him as possible…..remember, he owes us a recall election……we need to respond to his action against us with lots of homeowners letting him know why we deserve to be treated with respect.
I recall John spending a lot of his time last month not extending the courtesy of looking at the homeowner speaking. Instead, he focused on writing notes or pretending to do so as one after another homeowner spoke. Please share all of your concerns about this HOA and the unfairness clearly demonstrated by this dictator/bully. This HOA governing body continues to abuse our rights i.e. the recall election denied and lots more. Let the meeting focus on any and/or all of the abuses and the continuing demand for our recall election. SS

What are your thoughts?

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