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I'm just your average, likeable guy with opinions to share. I'm a programmer, project manager, web developer, systems architect, weather and videography enthusiast, and a lover of people. Some things I'm better at than others...

Greetings from the HOA Coach

Catching up with HOA Perspectives, and introducing my new role as HOA Coach. Continue reading

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Rogue Boards

I’ve been contacted recently by a couple of concerned homeowners about their HOA boards.  And while I hesitate to label every board complaint as a “rogue board”, these two situations are eerily similar and troublesome. One of these properties is … Continue reading

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Legislative Summary from AZHOC

Many of you may know Dennis Legere, who has been the driving force behind the Arizona Homeowners Coalition, another web site dedicated to supporting the interests of homeowners in HOAs.  Dennis is a registered lobbyist in the state of Arizona, … Continue reading

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Catching Up…

Greetings, everyone! It’s been over a year since I posted here – time has flown by for me! I was Secretary of my association starting in October 2017, and as of October 2018 I’m now President. I’ve continued taking a … Continue reading

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SB 1080 and ARS 33-1807

See this post over on the blog link to read more about what ARS 33-1807 already says about HOAs foreclosing on delinquent homeowners.

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AZ HOA Foreclosure “Reform” Proposal

Arizona state Senator Kavanagh authored SB-1080 which shortens the time restrictions for an HOA wishing to foreclose on a delinquent homeowner from one year to six months, and removes the delinquent dollar value restriction which was $1,200. Basically if this bill … Continue reading

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Robert’s Rules – Helpful, or No?

I’ve had several conversations recently about whether the use of Robert’s Rules of Order is necessary in an HOA meeting. Some people like the idea, and some people hate it.

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Association Members Are Your Neighbors!

What appalls me most about the negative press around HOAs is how some Board Members – either individually or collectively – treat the Members of the Association like crap.  The Members aren’t your competitors; they’re not your enemies; they’re your … Continue reading

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Elections – My Recent Experience

[Updated 10/05/2017 with additional Eligible Votes information.] For those of you that took my survey on Board Elections – thank you!  I still owe you a summary of the results, which I have to say were very interesting.  I’ve also been … Continue reading

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Do You Know Where Your Documents Are?

Something funny happened in my HOA this month.  Not “funny – ha ha”, but “funny – uh oh.” My Association was incorporated in June of 2004. I bought my home in this neighborhood last year in May 2016, and as … Continue reading

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Board Elections – A Survey

I think most Associations tend to hold their Annual Member Meeting and their Board Elections at the same time, and I have a sense that most Associations elect officers in the fall — or at least that’s what I’ve heard … Continue reading

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Under New Management

You might have seen JCT’s post a short time ago about seeking someone to take over the HOA Perspectives web site. I am that volunteer.  With a good bit of Word Press experience and HOA exposure, I hope to provide … Continue reading

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