Directors Evaluation

  • Does the Board of Directors perform at the corporate policy level and not at the management level?  (Does not micro-manage.)
  • Does the Board have a flexible approach to policy and rules development that reflects a majority viewpoint of the members?
  • Does the Board assess the effectiveness of management by measuring performance against defined goals and objectives?
  • Does the Board provide full rationale of their decisions to members of the association in a timely manner?
  • Does the Board execute their duties and responsibilities in a fair, impartial and open manner?
  • Does the Board act within the fiduciary responsibilities as defined by case law in the State of Arizona?
  • Does the Board make decisions that are not arbitrary and capricious?
  • Does the Board apply strict standards to the legal, moral and ethical behavior of Management?
  • Are the goals and agendas of the Board and Management fully aligned?    Does the Board permit members to publish comments in a newsletter or on the web site?
  • Is the association reserve account adequately or fully funded?
  • Are the voting ballots counted and retained by a disinterested third party?
  • Do restrictive covenants and rules have a perceived rationale, value and benefit to the majority of association members?


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