CAM Licensing Concerns

Jul 31, 2012  Posted by: “fred f”  on CHORE

Years ago I too suggested that HOA management firms (CAMs) should be State licensed but not any more, unless !  Why because in State after State like Virginia and Nevada that does have some HOA oversight; oversight is administered by Boards or committees that are full of appointed and not elected CAI attorneys and other HOA industry members. Consequently the wolves are in control of the oversight/licensing so they are incapable of being impartial, fair or neutral as they masquerade as being for the public good.

This is the great dilemma that property owners who live in privatized housing face. Because owners(members) typically have no State lobbyist or large owners groups who economically contribute to legislators like the HOA industry has, who also most often authors the very legislation that creates the oversight.  Ironically the HOA industry (& municipal) lobbying is 100% funded by the HOA/Condo members who they actively lobby against !!!!

Unless: For State oversight and licensing of HOA/Condo CAMs to be effective and primarily benefit the property owners. Requires State Boards and committees to be primarily made up of property owners and others who (1) are not industry certified or past members and (2) don’t depend upon HOAs for their livelihood or a source of revenue such as municipalities. In other words the property owners and others who are not industry representatives “must” make up the majority of the oversight authority and not the other way around as it presently is. So until State legislation can be created where the oversight is not primarily controlled by the HOA industry members little relief will be or can be forthcoming for property owners.


What are your thoughts?

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