SCA Assessments vs Management Contract


2007    $869

2008    $869   $0        0%

2009    $869   $0        0%

2010    $926   $57      7% Increase               2010    12% Increase  (Requested 9%)

2011    $933   $7        1% Increase                2011    3% Increase    (Requested 8%)

2012    $952   $19      2% Increase                2012    10% Increase  (Requested 10.5%)

2012 Notes:

Finance Committee has been recommending 3% GM Increases.  The Highlands at Dove Mountain HOA (1297 homes) had its first dues increase in 5 years in 2012.  North Ranch CA (885 homes) has not had a dues increase in 3 years and reduced their dues in 2012.   The North Ranch newsletter stated: “The reduction is a result of years of excellent budgeting, diligently and efficiently carried out by the NRCA Board of Directors and management”.

2012 Board Meeting re: Management Contract Compensation

The budget committee recommended a maximum 3% increase.  The GM asked for a 10.5% increase.  Director Scott made a motion for an 8% increase.  Resident Page from the audience said they deserve a 10% increase.  Director Scott changed her motion to a 10% increase.  3 to 2 vote, in favor of the increase.  There was no prior discussion by the Board regarding the performance of the GM. Simply an arbitrary and capricious decision.

2013    $1010  $58      6% Increase                2013    8% Increase

2014    $1011  $1                                               2014    7.5% Increase ( Requested 10%)

2014 Notes

It is beyond ridiculous for the Board to increase the annual assessment by only $1.00.  No Association can budget with the accuracy of $1.00 on a total budget is excess of $900,000.  It goes along with their thinking there should be an assessment increase every year even though other Associations hold the line on budget increases for several years in a row and some even decrease their assessment as noted in the ‘2012 Notes’.


What are your thoughts?

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