BBB for Dispute Resolution

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The Better Business Bureau may be a source of dispute resolution for homeowners.

In a few recorded instances, the BBB has been used to settle homeowner disputes with planned communities.  This service provides homeowners a chance to initiate the dispute resolution process, without cost, before the HOA can get the attorney involved.

Why doesn’t the HOA initiate the process?  Probably for several reasons:

  • They just don’t want to take the time and make the effort.
  • They don’t want to defend their actions without the HOA attorney “hammer”.
  • They are not concerned about costs.

Complaints can be made with the BBB even though the HOA does not have BBB accreditation.  Many HOA’s are listed with the BBB even though they are not accredited.  Still the complaint process can and is being used.

I would recommend the complaints not be frivolous.  They should relate specifically to violations of the CC&R ‘contract’, state statutes or involve monetary fines and/or assessments.

If you have a BBB in your area, why not check out the service?  Then report back in the ‘Leave a Comment’ section of this posting.

What are your thoughts?

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