1. Private Governments

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image0-001Professor Gary Solomon, A.A., B.A., M.P.H., M.S.W., Ph.D., Ph.D.(abd) in his publication titled HOA SYNDROME comments:

“At the root of HOA Syndrome is intentional, longitudinal and methodical harassment.  Shortly after the individual takes possession of their property, the HOA strategically begins to focus on the homeowner’s minor, if not non-existent infractions.  The purpose for those attacks is to create an income stream.  This income stream makes its way into the pockets of the management companies, collection agencies and attorneys, none of whom live within the community that they are harassing.  Like reavenous parasites, these organizations feed off the fear-based harassment.  The homeowner, now locked into a mortgage, feels powerless over the HOA’s relentless hounding for more and more money. 

In short, the evolution of schoolyard bullying and lunch money stealing has turned into adult comportment know in the legal word as racketeering, financial exploitation and extortion, and neighborhood money pilfering.”


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