HOAs as constitutional actors

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By Ward Lucas   June 23, 2015

No one is more insightful or articulate than Arizona HOA warrior George Staropoli. When he comments on an HOA issue, you really want to stand up and pay attention. He’s written an incredibly interesting analysis of a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that he says could ultimately have a direct impact on the national HOA scam. I would do a disservice to him if I tried to sum up his argument.

I would also do a disservice to you if I didn’t give you a link to his paper and urge you to read it, print it out and give copies to every influential person you meet. Your lawyer should have a copy of this. At some point our movement is going to reach a tipping point. Who knows? This could be that point.

(link to “Supreme Court says corporate entities cannot be used to evade Constitution”)

What are your thoughts?

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