CRCA Viable Activities Denied 2013

CRCA Viable Activities Being Denied 2013

Published in the Explorer Newspaper

Where and when is a community center not a community center?  In Continental Ranch and when HOA members meet there.  The Board of Directors decided on a new policy of rentals for the center which is one of the several common areas the homeowners pay assessments to maintain, but the only one, which must be rented.  Our swimming pools, spa, picnic areas and soccer fields can be used without a fee.

For 19 years the Senior Club made up of seniors and retiree homeowners has used the community center for its Thursday morning meetings.  Here, they plan activities, which include much volunteerism for their own community, Marana, and Tucson.  The conclude their meetings with games, cards.  Many of these seniors have these Thursday meeting for their only social activity because of health issues.  They come with walkers and in wheelchairs.

Of tje Senior Club is to continue the use of the community center, they will be charged rent that would be a hardship for some of the members who live on a fixed income.  The Board of Director has been asked for a waiver of rent but they disallowed it.

A viable community activity has been denied free use of the community center.  On Thursday, Jan. 17, the Board declared the community center not a community center.  Instead they will use it for profit making.

Another Resident said:

May 31, 2013

I think this is a shame that members of our community who have used this center for this purpose for years are no longer being allowed to do so. As the writer stated, many of these folks who attended this are too ill to attend much else. As a younger member of the CRCA family, I pay my dues so my children, my husband and I, and my many neighbors can enjoy living here. That includes the residents of Sunflower who the board has mistreated and shut out. Shame on the board members for allowing this to happen in our community.

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