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Association Members Are Your Neighbors!

What appalls me most about the negative press around HOAs is how some Board Members – either individually or collectively – treat the Members of the Association like crap.  The Members aren’t your competitors; they’re not your enemies; they’re your … Continue reading

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AZ HOA abuse

In a nutshell: 1. A homeowner with two lots in an Association falls behind about two years back, $1,000 per lot 2. They pursue him for only one lot BUT he pays the amount for both..$2,000 3. They then pursue him … Continue reading

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Organized Crime? Yo Betcha!

Guest Blog by Ward Lucas   August 23, 2016     Organized crime is endemic in the HOA industry, absolutely woven throughout the faulty fabric of the whole structure of Homeowners Associations. Racism, bribery, blackmail, criminal harassment, theft, extortion, embezzlement, phony liens and … Continue reading

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Super Priority Liens

Corporate Restructuring and Bankruptcy Blog – 2014 Nevada is one of many states that adopted some iteration of the Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act, an act designed in part to aid homeowners’ associations (“HOAs”) in recovering delinquent fees from their … Continue reading

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Super priority liens

Are you aware that your Arizona HOA holds a super priority lien against your property even though nothing is owed? In a recent case the Nevada Supreme Court ruled a super priority lien held by a homeowners association extinguishes a … Continue reading

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