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AZ HOA Foreclosure “Reform” Proposal

Arizona state Senator Kavanagh authored SB-1080 which shortens the time restrictions for an HOA wishing to foreclose on a delinquent homeowner from one year to six months, and removes the delinquent dollar value restriction which was $1,200. Basically if this bill … Continue reading

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Elections – My Recent Experience

[Updated 10/05/2017 with additional Eligible Votes information.] For those of you that took my survey on Board Elections – thank you!  I still owe you a summary of the results, which I have to say were very interesting.  I’ve also been … Continue reading

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When an HOA totters financially

Arizona Homeowners Forum Posted: 05 Jul 2017 07:44 AM PDT, Reposted 7/6/2017 What happens to a Homeowners Association as it totters financially is fascinating. In the case of the Crossings at Willow Creek, recent hearings in Yavapai County Superior Court … Continue reading

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AZ HOA abuse

In a nutshell: 1. A homeowner with two lots in an Association falls behind about two years back, $1,000 per lot 2. They pursue him for only one lot BUT he pays the amount for both..$2,000 3. They then pursue him … Continue reading

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Who’s insuring your HOAs wallet?

Guest Blog: http://arizonahoa.blogspot.com The last of three OAH cases on books and records took place this week. In all cases, the books and records at issue were copies of: The user names and passwords for HOA bank accounts for members … Continue reading

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Reprinted from http://arizonahoa.blogspot.com/

The blog referenced in the title is a site that all Arizona residents should follow. Dear (HOA Insurer – see LIST)                                                                                                                       February 13, 2017 I am part of an Arizona … Continue reading

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Have you ever been “SLAPPED” by your HOA?

Arizona Homeowners Forum Have you ever been “SLAPPED” by your HOA? Posted: 07 Jan 2017 Whilst HOA transparency issues are vital, the Bill of Rights, including the “right to petition government”, contains FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS emanating from the Magna Carta in … Continue reading

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Letter from an AZ advocate to an AZ Senator

John Sellers 6231 East Mark Way, Unit 12, Cave Creek, Arizona 85331 Email: jasellers123@gmail.com Tel: 928 310 8220 To: Arizona State Senator Yarbrough December 10, 2016 Dear Senator Yarbrough I’m part of a talented diverse citizens group working with Senator … Continue reading

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Madness in HOA Arizona

guest blog by Jill Schweitzer I’ve been taking HOA classes put on by the City for the last few years. I use to attend to learn, now I attend to see what I missed the first time around, what the … Continue reading

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